Raven's Talon

A wraithsteel dagger with a decorated hilt

weapon (melee)

Long Knife with bleed and superior materials upgrades.

The Raven’s Talon is a relic of Skorundir specifically designed to end human life.

Lesser Essence: Aligned Damage (Skorundir)
Attacks with this weapon gain the Skorundir Alignment.

Greater Charm: Bane (Folk)
This weapon’s threat range increases by 3 against Folk.

Item Level: 6
Reputation Cost: 23


This wicked knife has a dark steel blade and a hilt of patterned black leather. The weapon is slightly cold to touch.

This blade is a Raven’s Talon, a relic of Skorundir. Thirteen of the weapons were created, originally distributed among The Prince of Plots’ most powerful Revenant servants. The weapons have on occasion found their way into the hands of mortal adventurers and assassins, but always come home to roost in the end.

The blades are wraithsteel, forged in the depths of Isvetur Torn, and have been imparted with a sliver of the Lady of Ravens’ will.

This blade was wielded by the leader of the Revenants that haunted Whitelake.

Raven's Talon

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