Matthias Swyft

Strong Houses rise from the ashes. Great Houses never fall at all.


Basic Stats
Class: Courtier 5, Gallant 1 Species: Human, Wise Specialty: Aristocrat Experience: 21298
Vitality: 54 Wounds: 10 Defense: 15 DR: 1, Edged 2, Fire 3, Cold 4
BAB: 3 Initiative: 7 Speed: 30ft Action Dice: 4d6
STR 10 +0 Fortitude +3
DEX 14 +2 Reflex +4
CON 10 +0 Will +8
INT 12 +1 Unarmed +3
WIS 16 +3 Melee +3
CHA 16 +3 Ranged +5
Skill Key Attribute Skill Bonus (Rank + Mod) Threat/Error Class Skill Focuses
Acrobatics Dex 4 = 2 + 2 1 / 20 Origin
Blend Cha 4 = 1 + 3 1 / 20 Origin
Bluff Cha 12 = 7 + 3 + 2 1 / 19 yes
Haggle Wis 4 = 1 + 3 1 / 20 yes
Impress Cha 14 = 9 + 3 + 2 1 / 19 yes
Intimidate Wis 9 = 6 + 3 1 / 20 yes
Investigate Wis 12 = 8 + 3 1 / 20 yes
Notice Wis 8 = 5 + 3 1 / 20 yes
Prestidigitation Dex 3 = 1 + 2 1 / 20 yes
Resolve Con 4 = 4 + 0 1 / 20 yes
Ride Dex 3 = 1 + 2 1 / 20 yes Horses
Search Int 6 = 5 + 1 1 / 20 Origin
Sense Motive Wis 12 = 9 + 3 1 / 20 yes
Interests Total Studies: 6
Languages Studies
Vulgate House Politics in the Vale
High Ashandari Amberwine Vale
Heroic Stories
Class Abilities
Double Boost Talent. You may spend and roll 2 action dice to boost Wisdom-based skill checks.
Free Hint Talent.
Charming Specialty. Once per session, you may improve the Disposition of any 1 non-adversary NPC by 5.
Flashy Specialty. Your Panache rises by 2.
Noble Blood Specialty. You may purchase Noble Renown for 40 reputation a rank.
Bonus Feat Specialty. Basic Skill Mastery (Actor).
Only the Finest Courtier. YYou reputation relies on impressions — of you and your teammates. Your Appearance bonus and that of each teammate increases by 2.
With a Word Courtier. Shaping the thoughts and feelings of others is second nature to you. At Level 1, each time you fail a Haggle or Impress check and don’t suffer an error, you still succeed as long as the check DC (or your opponent’s check result) is equal to or less than your Class Level + 20. If several grades of success are possible, you achieve only the lowest possible positive result. If you gain this ability for either skill from two or more classes, add together your levels in all classes granting the ability when determining its effect.
Gifts and Favors I (City) Courtier. At Level 2, you gain an additional pool of money equal to your Lifestyle × your Class Level × 5 silver at the beginning of each adventure that may only be spent on Supplies and bribes. This represents the wide array of tools at your disposal, from desired trinkets to making and calling in favors to leveraging your position and influence.
Obligations Courtier. You’ve developed a spanning web of debts and exchanges and can pull strings all over. At Levels 3, 7, 11, 15, and 19, you gain 50 Reputation that must be spent to purchase or improve contacts.
Famed Blade Gallant. You’ve made a name facing the best warriors your rivals have to offer. At Level 1, when you hit a special adversary, you may roll damage twice, keeping the result you prefer. You also gain a bonus to Defense against attacks by special characters equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum +1).
Victory Flourish Gallant. At Level 2, once per scene when you kill or knock a special adversary unconscious, you may gain 1 temporary Basic Combat feat until the end of the scene.
At Level 7, when you use this ability, choose 1 teammate who can see and hear you. That teammate also gains the chosen feat until the end of the scene.
Bow Basics When you wield a bow it gains AP 2 and you gain
a stance:
Deadshot (Stance): You gain a +2 bonus with ranged weapon attacks and damage. You may not move while in this stance (though you may still take 5-ft. Bonus Steps as normal).
Bow Mastery OWhen you wield a bow its maximum range increases by 4 increments (e.g. from ×6 to ×10). Also, you gain a trick.
Eagle Eye (Bow Attack Trick): You may substitute your Search (Wis) bonus for your ranged attack bonus. If the attack misses you become flat-footed at the end of your Initiative Count. You may use this trick as many times per combat as you have Ranged Combat feats.
Repartee Basics The error ranges of Sense Motive checks targeting you increase by your Charisma modifier (minimum +1). You also gain a trick.
Silver Tongue (Distract Trick): Your target’s Wisdom score also drops by 1 until the end of the scene (minimum 6). You may use this trick a number of times per scene equal to the number
of Style feats you have.
Proficiencies, Stances, and Combat Tricks
Unarmed none Blunt none
Edged forte Hurled none
Bows forte Black Powder none
Siege Weapons none
Deadshot You gain a +2 bonus with ranged weapon attacks and damage. You may not move while in this stance (though you may still take 5-ft. Bonus Steps as normal).
Combat Tricks
Eagle Eye (Bow Attack Trick): You may substitute your Search (Wis) bonus for your ranged attack bonus. If the attack misses you become flat-footed at the end of your Initiative Count. You may use this trick as many times per combat as you have Ranged Combat feats.
Parry: The character uses his hands or weapon to knock an incoming attack aside. Once per round when the character’s not flat-footed, after he’s been hit by a melee or unarmed attack but before damage is rolled, he may make a Reflex save (DC equal to the attack check result). With success, the damage drops to 0 (though any special effects from the attack are still felt). The character may take this action a number of times per combat equal to the number of Melee Combat feats he has (min. 1).
Possessions and Lifestyle
Panache: 11 Coin in Hand Prudence: 1 Stake
Income: 110s 0s Saved 20% 141s
Reputation and Renown
Reputation: 70 (1 Obl) Legend: 3
Heroic Renown: 0 Title: None
Military Renown: 0 Title: None
Noble Renown: 2 Title: Keeper of the Coin
Gear Description Weight Cost
Signet Ring Seals document .1 lbs 40s
Poison Ring Target exposed with successful Unarmed attack that deals at least 1 damage .1 lbs 30s
Short Bow Arrows, 19–20, 20×6′ range 4 lbs 40s
Standard Arrows 1d6 lethal, 20 shots, AP2, Poisonous .1 lbs 30s
Long Sword 1d12 lethal, 20 6 lbs 60s

“Teiwos, Valania, Vale, Swyft.”
-Swyft Family Words

House Swyft is a proud, ancient family, one steeped in tradition and honor. Hailing from the heart of the Amberwine Vale, the house has sustained its holdings for over half a century, and claims to have been founded long, long ago. Several prized documents, that have not left their hall in living memory, indicate that the Swyfts have served as House Selwyn’s vassals since ancient times, even before Arnolt the Great united the Telemere Plains and the Vale.

Due to paranoia and mistrust, however, the validity of said documents has never been confirmed by anyone not of Swyft blood, and several of the Vale’s other Houses doubt the supposed age of House Swyft.

Regardless of their true founding, there is no doubt that the Swyfts have held a large patch of farmland towards the northeast corner of the Amberwine Vale for over 500 years now. From their once mighty seat, the Copperknoll, the Swyfts watch over their domain as benevolent guardians, reaping the bounties of their lands and driving off whatever bandits or brigands dare to encroach upon their territory.

While wheat and barley form the vast majority of House Swyft’s produce, the few barrels of elderberry wine it brews annually receive almost legendary praise from all across Valania. Some of the older firkins are, quite literally, worth their weight in gold.

However, despite the house’s proud history, it is impossible to deny that their power and wealth have been steadily decreasing in recent years. Not unlike House Selwyn, House Swyft has become, if not quite apathetic, lazy in these times of peace. Even when wars and Orcish raiders have forced the rest of Valania into action, the Swyfts have idled in the heart of the Vale, rusting in their indolence.

The troops that fought off brigands and enemies in ages past have degenerated into simple farmers and craftsman. The coffers that once overflowed with silver, while they still maintain a bit of their weight, have grown lighter over the years. The lords that once stood that tall upon the battlefield seem to have taken up permanent residence in their hall, battling inflation and merchants instead of monsters and criminals.

No, the modern House Swyft is a far cry from its aged, noble roots. Not to say that its current standing isn’t respectable, of course.

The current head of the house is Lord Argen Swyft. In his late 50s, Lord Swyft spends the vast majority of his time at the Copperknoll, granting audiences, feasting, and occasionally venturing forth on some hunt or other errand. Age has turned him into a kindly soul, and those who seek his aid often find themselves receiving some very generous support.

Argen’s wife of just over 30 years, Lady Marie Swyft passed away a mere two years ago. Struck down by a bad fever, her absence has left a hole in the Copperknoll, one that refuses to be filled. Lord Swyft has not remarried; in fact he refuses to even tolerate such an idea.

Cael Swyft, Argen’s first son and heir, has already begun to take over his father’s duties. At 27, the man has already become quite the competent leader; though he has yet to officially inherit the title of Lord Swyft, or rule over the Copperknoll, Cael handles most of the responsibilities that his father no longer wishes to. Which is almost all of them.

Matthias Swyft

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