Kayla Nissian

Maid working in the Whitelake Castle. Matthias' acquaintance.


Kayla Nissian (Medium Folk Walker — 58 XP):
Str: 8/-1; Dex: 10/0; Con: 8/-1; Int: 18/4; Wis: 14/2; Cha: 10/0;
Init: 1; Atk: 1; Def: 1; Res: 3; Health: 2; Comp: 3
Health: 2(con) Ranged: 7=70(dex) Ref: 3=30(dex)
Def: 14=10+4+0(dex) Comp: 3 Will: +3=30(wis)
Size: Medium (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 30 ft. ground;
Skills: Impress V (Cha); Investigate VII (Wis); Sense Motive V (Wis); Bluff VI (Cha)
Qualities: Cagey III, Improved Hearing, Comely, Mark, Repartee Basics.
Attacks: Stiletto (1d4 lethal, 18–20, AP 8, finesse)


Kayla Nissian

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