Valania: The Throne of Flame

The Story Thus Far


The story began on the road to Whitelake, with the party travelling in a merchant caravan. After the bridge across the Amberwine River went out, the caravan was forced to take a detour through the town of Culain’s Crossing, which had been devastated by the Shadowplague. There, the party fought off a pack of ghouls and narrowly escaped the clutches of an Ankou.

One week later, the party arrived in the city of Whitelake, just in time to attend the tournament and the wedding of the Crown Prince Carlon and Lady Ellesender Fell of the Wilderland. Analiese was unhorsed in the first round of jousting, but managed third place in the melee. Athis, with the help of Leon and Karolov Ghent, disguised himself as a noble and entered the melee, where he placed second, despite Analiese’s attempt to expose him.

After the tourney, the wedding of the Crown Prince and Lady Fell ended in tragedy, as Prince Carlon was poisoned by Lady Ilendrel Moore, the King’s Consort. Lady Moore was quickly exposed thanks to Leon’s serendipitous investigation, and revealed to be part of a greater conspiracy against the crown, organized by the mysterious figure called “Your Lordship”.

The next morning, the interrogation of Lady Moore was interrupted when a wraith entered her cell and attempted to kill her. The party managed to rescue Lady Ilendrel from the wraith, but she was killed by a guard-turned-assassin. After a brief interrogation, the guard revealed that he had been hired by the King’s Keeper of the Coin, Teleros Selwyn. Upon rushing to the Coin Keeper’s office, the party discovered that Teleros had been killed by the same wraith that attempted to kill Lady Ilendrel.

The party then turned its attention to Lord Hayden Bryce, The King’s Chief Advisor and High Lord of the Isle of Tarinsel, who had been communicating heavily with Lord Selwyn. Although Lord Bryce had plausible deniability concerning the conspiracy, the combination of his communication with Lord Selwyn and the presence of his mysterious advisor, Ygraine Cairn, still left him a suspicious figure.

Over the course of the next week, the king became increasingly unstable, to the point of only accepting audiences with Lord Bryce. Leon continued his surveillance of Lord Bryce and Lady Cairn, eventually intercepting a message to Lady Cairn, written in Nornish Runes. The court wizard, Marram Alrammar, translated the letter, revealing that Lady Cairn was a servant of the dark goddess Nevhel, and was intentionally driving Lord Bryce against the Crown.

Meanwhile, on the way back from a meeting with the city’s Glazier’s Guild, Matthias and Auric were nearly assaulted by a group of hired thugs. Auric managed to lead Matthias to safety and captured one of the thugs, who revealed the identity of their leader and his favored tavern. Later, Auric, Athis, and Leon went to the tavern and, thanks to Leon’s ingenuity and Athis’ iron liver, managed to kidnap the leader of the thugs, who revealed that they were hired by a man matching the description of Lord Hayden Bryce.

The next day, the party received word that the King’s Grand Marshall, Lord Percival Alcor, had arrived in the city. Upon arriving at the castle, Lord Alcor, along with the wizard Marram, was arrested by an increasingly unstable king, who produced letters found in Percival’s belongings that claimed that he and Marram were at the center of the conspiracy against the crown. The king ordered that they be executed at dawn.


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