Valania: The Throne of Flame

Analiese and Walden

Session 1/19/13 – Bryce sentences Percival Alcor and Marram Alrammar to execution at dawn. The team breaks them out of prison.

In her study, Analiese examines a full sized poster of a wyvern.

Wyvern anatomysmall

ANNETTE. (reviewing a map with young teenage Analiese) Our archers have got the wyvern pinned down in the valley. Her right wing is crushed, so there’s no way she’ll be able to fly away, not out in the open where she’d be shot down immediately. She’s going to try and escape through this canyon. See, there’s a natural stone bridge here that will give her cover.
ANALIESE. Are we going to collapse it?
ANNETTE. You bet.

(Annette and Analiese have set up dynamite on key pressure points of the stone bridge.)

ANNETTE. The instance you see the wyvern, set off your charges and run away.
ANALIESE. What about you?
ANNETTE. I’m the bait. Don’t fuck up. (jumps down into the canyon)
ANALIESE. (deep breath) Okay.


WYVERN. (swoops in for the kill) GAAAAAAAAWWWWWKKKK!!!!!!!

(Analiese lights the dynamite and sprints away. She hears an explosion and crashing boulders)




ANNETTE. (climbs up the canyon) How’s it feel to kill your first wyvern?

Session 4 – The investigation begins!

Analiese and Walden are sitting on the grass in a secluded place on the edge of the castle grounds. Walden is hunched over a large stone, using it as a makeshift desk. He taps his quill on the rock, brow furrowed.

WALDEN. What was the name of the King’s youngest son?
WALDEN. (writes the name down) I think that’s it. Everyone alive with a connection to the Prince.
ANALIESE. You mean, everyone we can think of. (She runs her finger down the list) We can cross the Ghents off.
WALDEN. We can’t trust anyone.
ANALIESE. Cross them off.
WALDEN. Wait. Let’s just start at the beginning.
WALDEN. We want to ask ourselves, ‘Who wants the Prince dead? And who hates the Wilderland enough to commit treason against the royal family?’
ANALIESE. (unfolds a copy of Ilendrel’s letter) It’s not House Fell or House Verolingius. Not Lord Allerov. Not Korvus.
WALDEN. Good, that narrows our search a bit. (crosses out names)

Allerov Ghent
Iselt Ghent
Karolov Ghent
Garth Korvus
Hayden Bryce
King Arnolt IV Verolingius
Marram Alrammar
Percival Alcor
Tristain Alcor
Ygraine Cairn

ANALIESE. (snatches the paper from Walden and scratches out the Ghents) Stop messing around.

Allerov Ghent
Iselt Ghent
Karolov Ghent

Garth Korvus
Hayden Bryce
King Arnolt IV Verolingius
Marram Alrammar
Percival Alcor
Tristain Alcor
Ygraine Cairn


Session 3 – The crown prince is murdered on his wedding day by the king’s consort. Analiese aggressively takes charge of the investigation.

It is the middle of the night at a room in the castle. Walden is fast asleep. Analiese sits on her bed, brow furrowed

ANALIESE. (staring at Walden) What am I going to do with you?
(A few months ago)

Annette (about 25 year old), Analiese (21), and Anton (21) are practicing mounted combat in their courtyard. Walden is having trouble controlling his horse, who is neighing in protest. Annette is trying to teach him a fencing move done from mount. Analiese is practicing jumping. She and her horse leap over a low fence and her siblings disappear from sight.

(From out of sight)
ANNETTE. Grab the reins and handle him like a man!
ANTON. I-I can’t do it!
ANNETTE. You’re pathetic and this is an utter waste of my time.
ANTON. She’s going to throw me! Help!—
ANNETTE. I am sick of you being so useless!
ANALIESE. (to herself) Dummy, your horse is male.

(Anton screams. Something snaps. Silence.)

ANALIESE. Fuck! (gallops back to her siblings)

(Her brother is on the ground, not moving. Annette kneels over him, her face close to his chest.)

ANNETTE. (muttering something)
ANALIESE. Is he alive?
ANNETTE. (shakes head)
(Analiese rushes over to her twin brother’s body, but is stopped by Annette)
ANNETTE. No. There’s nothing you can do for him now. Go get mother and father.

(Analiese bolts for the house and soon after, returns with a crowd of concerned people. Among them are Lord and Lady Bruhin.)

ANNETTE. Stay away! (sobbing) I s-should have-
LADY BRUHIN. (wails) My baby boy!
LORD BRUHIN. What happened here?
ANNETTE. (whimpering) Anton was thrown from his horse. (she hugged the body close, not letting anyone get close) Dear brother, what have I done?

Session 2 – Analiese calls out Athis for fighting in the tournament and sustains severe injuries.

In a room at the inn (where many knights from the Dragonspine are staying), Walden is fixing a loose bandage on Analiese.

WALDEN. Why didn’t you just surrender? He gave you the chance!
ANALIESE. That commoner had no right to be fighting in a tournament for knights.
WALDEN. Who cares?! You had nothing to gain by continuing the fight. So stupid! It’s like you were asking him to kill you! (starts tearing up) You could have died…
ANALIESE. (Sighs) Listen, Anton. I’m not looking to throw myself on the stake if that’s what you think. The adrenaline just got to my head.
WALDEN. I can tell when you’re lying.
(Analiese looks off to the side and says nothing)

Session 1 – The party saves their caravan after the bridge collapses.

Walden Bruhin : He’s fragile and unable to defend himself. Or rather, unwilling! DROP AND GIVE ME 50!
Leon Vergif : I heard gossips that he contracted a venereal disease. Strange to not see the playboy in him now. Best to steer clear.
Auric Vaganson : A commoner who doesn’t want to get involved in nobles’ affairs. The same to you.
Athis Riswor : We talked fighting and tactics. He knows some.
Matthias Swyft : Fancy man with a pedigree. A reminder that we’re heading to a civilized city. We talked about the tournament.
Porfir Mac Sutton : Has traveled extensively. I enjoy listening to his stories, although some of them seem far-fetched. Like the ones where he buries peasants. And cares.


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